This site exists to spread the goodness and greatness of Jesus Christ and to make Him famous. Jesus is Good News for those who put their trust in Him as Lord and Savior. Tim Keller just happens to be my favorite messenger of this Good News.

I admire Tim Keller. I don’t worship him, but I like him a lot — just like Tim Keller likes C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien a lot. Back in October of 2010 I started a Twitter for Tim Keller quotes and updates called @DailyKeller. I have had the privilege to read all of Tim Keller’s books and listen to and read hundreds of sermons he has preached. I love Tim Keller because he points me to Jesus. Tim’s teaching has made Jesus beautiful to me.

I know that myself and thousands of others are encouraged each day just from a simple sentence or two from Tim Keller on Twitter. So I thought why not give everyone a little more Tim Keller “meat” than a simple “tweet” can provide. That’s why this site exists. New quotes will be posted every morning of every day of the year, and hopefully at some point there will be a daily evening post as well. I pray that this website will help bring more encouragement to people who want to know more about Jesus.

I also hope that this will provide a nice resource for you to search for Tim Keller quotes by “Categories” and provide a convenient hub to all things Tim Keller through the “Related Links.” Thanks for visiting Keller Quotes. Grace and Peace to you!

– Tim Clark

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