Jesus the King, King's Cross, Tim Keller

Almost at that very moment, his wife appeared after a walk with their child in a baby carriage. She had with her a Bible in French that she had received from a minister she had met on her walk. Cailliet took it and opened it to the Gospels. He continued to read deep into the night. The realization dawned on him: ‘Lo and behold, as I looked through them [the Gospels] the One who spoke and acted in them became alive to me. . . . This is the book that would understand me.’

Reading that article, I realized that the same thing had happened to me. Though as a youth I had believed that the Bible was the Word of the Lord, I had not personally met the Lord of the Word. As I read the Gospels, he became real to me. Thirty years later I preached through the book of Mark at my church in New York City, in the hope that many others would likewise find Jesus in the accounts of the Gospels. This book is inspired by those sermons, and it is offered with the same aspiration for the readers.

– Tim Keller