Encounters with Jesus, The Mother of God, Tim Keller

When the Bible speaks about the deity of Jesus, we have to remember that the Hebrew idea of God was not identical to those of other cultures and faiths. When Jesus is said to be divine, that does not mean he has the divine spark of life that is found in everyone. It doesn’t mean he has such high God-consciousness that he can be called an avatar, as in the case of Krishna. To the Hebrews, God was not an impersonal force that is part of all being but a unique, personal yet infinite, immanent yet transcendent, eternal Creator that existed before and above all other beings. To call Jesus divine while holding that understanding of the divine was stupendous. Yet it is the lynchpin of Jesus’ own self-understanding and underlies everything he teaches. So you either have to say that Jesus Christ is, as the Bible claims, the unique Creator God who has come in the flesh, which makes Christianity a better revelation of God than other religions — or you have to say that he was wrong or lying, which makes him and his followers a worse revelation of God. But Christianity can’t be a religion just like the rest.

– Tim Keller