Encounters with Jesus, The Father and Son, Tim Keller

The best way to get a grip on what Christianity is about is to look at Jesus — and even more at his accomplishments than his pronouncements. Other religions teach, in essence, that we can be saved if we follow their founders’ words. But Christians believe we are saved not primarily by following what Jesus said but by believing in what he did. We are saved not by what we do but by what Jesus has done. It is in his actions — his birth and incarnation as a human being; his miracles and healings; his response to trials, temptations, suffering, and death; and ultimately his resurrection and ascension — that we meet him, not just as another teacher but as a Savior accomplishing our salvation in our place. And so we must come to grips with each of these great actions and events to fully encounter Jesus as the life-changing Redeemer.

– Tim Keller