Tim Keller

Somebody, some years ago, put it this way. The truth is a cube, not a square. Now what he meant by that when he said it was you can see the whole square from one vantage point, but you can’t see a cube from one vantage point. You have to move around it. So for example, if you were looking at a house and you want to see the true dimensions of the house, you can’t see it from one angle. You have to go around it. You have to see it from several angles.

That doesn’t mean truth is relative. Oh, we’re not saying that. We’re not saying truth is relative at all. We’re not saying that truth is all a matter of opinion. By my moving around the house, if three or four people move around the house to look at it, it doesn’t mean one person is going to see a ranch house, one person is going to see a split-level, and one person is going to see a two-story Colonial.

What we’re saying is unless you see all the sides you’re not going to see what the house really looks like. You have to go around it.

– Tim Keller